Allow Myself…to Introduce…Myself

Introductions have always been easy for me. Because I am my father’s daughter, I have always been able to walk right up to anyone, even Oprah herself, any day anytime and introduce myself. No problem. But then, please know, that approximately five seconds later, I’ll have no idea what your name is. (Unless we’re talking about you Oprah, cause girlfriend I’ll know your name and your production company backwards and forwards.) But for the rest of yous in humanity, um, well, what can I say? Sorry? No really, you’re important, your name is important, your mom is important, all of it. I just can’t remember who the hell you are.

Because as much as I try to remember new names, they just swoosh in and out of my ears while I’m remembering your new face forever and ever and ever. Well, not your new face (Unless we’re talking about you Michael, cause, well, you’re just scary, my brotha.) but your new face to me. And hey, hey there, before you start in with the foolproof mnemonic devices that work for you, let me just stop you right now and say they don’t work for me. I’ve tried them. They don’t.

So let’s just sum up and leave it at this. I want to know your name. But I can’t for the life of me remember your name. Until I hear it at least five times. Because that’s how I roll.


However, even if I can’t do introductions very well, I like to make them. A lot. And in this case, by introductions I mean set ups. In fact, chances are quite good that I’ve set you up before. (And, before you start, if I were you, I’d make no comments about any of those set ups because odds are good that all parties involved read the con queso from time to time.) So, what am I saying? I’m saying I suck at introducing people. Specifically I suck at setting people up on dates. But, please. That doesn’t stop me from doing it. No sir. I mean, come on. Do you even realize how little I’d actually have to do in life if I let a little thing called ability stop me? That’s right, not so much. On the other hand, the first time I set two people up, they got married. And, ever since, I’ve had the grand delusion that I’m a Grade-A Yenta. I don’t care if all evidence points to the contrary. Because the point is, no matter how bad I am at introductions, involving myself and/or others, I completely dig them.

That’s right. I heart introductions.

They are a beginning. A birth. An opportunity. A potential. And nothing gets me going like a clean slate.

And today I met someone new.

Hello luvah. Where have you been all my life?

The iGods at iApple just introduced all their new iPod Nanos today. And I iLove them. I iMust have an iNew one. iNow.

Now please know, I’ve never actually purchased an iPod. Ever. Because they keep getting handed down to me when new models move into our home. But nothing pink has ever moved in. Because nothing pink is ever purchased and nothing pink is ever handed down. And I think it’s time that I introduced myself to the pink.

So Laura, pink iPod Nano, pink iPod Nano, Laura.

I think this will be my second successful set up.

So in honor of my new crush on iTuesday, here are a few songs with very memorable intros currently on my hand-me-down but still much beloved for a little while longer iPod…

  • A Song For the Lovers. Richard Ashcroft.
  • Are You Gonna Be My Girl. Jet.
  • Baby Got Back. Sir Mix-A-Lot.
  • Bittersweet Symphony. The Verve.
  • Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk. Rufus Wainwright.
  • Coffee and TV. Blur.
  • Clocks. Coldplay.
  • Don’t Go. Yaz.
  • Everyone Wants To Rule The World. Tears for Fears.
  • Eyes Without a Face. Billy Idol.
  • Fools Gold. Stone Roses.
  • Foxy Lady. Jimi Hendrix.
  • Heat of the Moment. Asia.
  • Hot For Teacher. Van Halen.
  • How Soon Is Now. The Smiths.
  • I Feel Fine. The Beatles.
  • In God’s Country. U2.
  • Istanbul. They Might Be Giants.
  • Just. Radiohead.
  • Owner of a Lonely Heart. Yes.
  • Message In a Bottle. The Police.
  • Money for Nothing. Dire Straights.
  • Pineapple Head. Crowded House.
  • Ring of Fire. Johnny Cash.
  • Rock The Casbah. The Clash.
  • Satisfaction. The Stones.
  • She Sells Sanctuary. The Cult.
  • Start Me Up. The Stones.
  • Some Might Say. Oasis.
  • Sunday Bloody Sunday. U2.
  • The Tears of A Clown. Smokey Robinson.
  • There She Goes. The La’s.
  • You Spin Me Round. Dead or Alive.

(Added: Yes I realize this is a long list. But there are a lot of good intros on songs currently on my iPod… and I couldn’t not list it if it was good. See, if you haven’t gotten it yet, I like intros…)

So do you have some favorite intros? In life. In songs. In general.
Please introduce us to them.

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16 Responses to Allow Myself…to Introduce…Myself

  1. Mommy off the Record says:

    I completely suck at introductions too. I avoid aquaintances that I see at the supermarket because I fear having to introduce them to my husband and then totally forgetting their name. Ugh. Nothing worse than that.And the Nano? I too am in love. Must get me one…

  2. Bea says:

    You HAVE read Emma, right? (If not, let me introduce you…)

  3. lildb says:

    har. Yaz and Dead or Alive. I used to do a little jiggin' to those songs.that's a nice, uh, *list* you got there.

  4. Jill says:

    You're funny!Absolutely, the pink nano. I have the pink mini. I'm retro that way.I'll suggest "When it Began" – The ReplacementsAnd yes, read Emma. Or if not, at least watch the modern day version by renting Clueless. You may find something in common there.

  5. Jenny says:

    Ohmygod you like Rufus? I love him! Saw him concert with Tori Amos once even.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So, I'm not sure if this is genetic or something, but I LOVE introductions and can never remember names. The very first real date I ever went on, I had no idea what his name was…you rarely need to use someone's name in conversation, so I think I have everyone fooled,but probably not. Anyway, unless I've known you since at least the late nineties, there is a chance I don't know your name. Also, I set people up like I'm a producer for The Bachelor, and have never as of yet been successful. But I'll keep making introductions because apparently its in our blood. -sister con queso

  7. Anonymous says:

    P.S. I still don't own an ipod.technophob/sister con queso

  8. Super Zoe says:

    I am great at introductions, remembering names and all of the personal details, and love setups! GcQ, why have you never "introduced" me?! I am so hurt,

  9. mothergoosemouse says:

    Considering Kyle has taken over my non-Apple mp3 player, I think that I can reasonably purchase a Nano for myself.I suck at remembering names too. I try, really I do. But between pregnancy and alcohol, my brain cell capacity has shrunk dramatically.However, I can still recognize fabulous taste in music when I see it. I think you and I would like each other's playlists.

  10. Girl con Queso says:

    Um, actually Super Zoe, I have set you up. But let's go off line to eeeeeeeek! about what a miscalculation that was.

  11. Girl con Queso says:

    Oh, and also, of course I've read Emma. One of my faves. And quite a great introduction reference, bap.

  12. nonlineargirl says:

    I am horrible at remembering names, great at faces. When I re-meet someone I am generally unable to bring up the name, but completely likely to ask "how was your mother's hernia operation? Have you eaten at your favorite breakfast place – eggs are for lovers – lately?" etc etc.

  13. shpprgrl says:

    When I hear the intro to Rock the Casbah, I still feel some excitement after all these years. (Just not excited about the crush that inspired my love of the song!) It is one of the BEST. Great choice.I also like Fantasy by AldoNova. Very cool.

  14. KCG says:

    Every Bruce Hornsby song has a great introduction. The first 5 seconds are always the best part.

  15. Miss Notesy says:

    I can't remember names either, but I can make converstaion with a brick wall, no problem.

  16. Free NX says:

    There is great information on this blog. I am in love with your blog so far. I’ve added this blog to my boomarks and will check back often. I did have an issue with how quick this page loaded. Might be something to optimize.

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