Agua de Sandia / Watermelon Agua Fresca

August 3, 2015

Someone mentioned that it’s National Watermelon Day. Which really means nothing except that you should probably be eating watermelon as much as possible for the next month or two because, hand to heaven, it is hot outside.


I’m not a big fan of dressing up watermelon too much. Watermelon margaritas, no. Watermelon frou-frou overdone recipes, hell no. Plain watermelon with a dash of salt on top is just about perfection. That said, I did try out a salted watermelon ice cream recipe (because it’s also national ice cream year…okay maybe not, but it should be) over the weekend, and it was pretty great concept. More about that in the next post.

But back to now. Now, the one thing I think is great to throw in the summer line up is agua fresca. Specifically agua de sandia. Watermelon water. Here’s what you’ll need.


Here’s What You’ll Need

4 cups of watermelon

3 cups of Topo Chico con Lime

(If you don’t have that, just use water.)

The juice from one lime

1 tablespoon of sugar


Here’s the deal with Topo Chico. It’s just the best. It is basically just fizzy water, it tastes great, and I hear it’s magic for hangovers. This may be just a thing you can pick up anywhere in Texas (Can you find it everywhere in other places?) Or you can get it on Amazon. This summer, I was introduced to Topo Chico with lime (Thank you, Brooks family) and it wins all the other Topo Chico contests. So look into that. I highly recommend that you drink it whenever possible.


Here’s What You’ll Do

All you do is mix up all four ingredients listed above in a blender. My blender is crap, so I chop up/blend the watermelon in my little food processor chopper and then put that slushed watermelon into the blender. It’s just easier for all involved.


And done. Agua fresca is served. It’s the easiest thing ever. And it goes great with tacos. Or sandwiches. Or anything really. Top it with some vodka or rum and you have yourself a boozy slushy agua de sandia beach party. Or just grab a watermelon and some salt. That works too.

Happy watermeloning!


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  • Reply Sarah Elizabeth - PSU August 9, 2015 at 12:06 pm

    I’m a bartender and I’m having trouble with watermelon this week. Management has constructed a “watermelon margarita” by soaking watermelon in tequila and using the infused tequila in a margarita. Of course, what they’ve forgotten is that watermelon doesn’t exactly impart flavor when infusing, so in order to make the margarita actually taste like watermelon, one would need to use a watermelon flavored liquor. I’m afraid tonight it going to be yet another evening of putting grenadine in it to pretend the darn thing is watermelon flavored, since of course we have no watermelon flavored anything. Sigh.

    The BEST course of action for watermelon and tequila would, of course, be to chunk up some watermelon, freeze it, and pour tequila over it. Serve in a rocks glass. WIN!

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