Advent Activities

November 30, 2013

On Black Friday we were sort of looking for things to do. Niece #2, Hannah, was over for a couple of days and we decided to make a list of things we could do in our little town.

Shopping was not on the list.

We each decided to make an advent calendar. And we wanted to include fun Christmas activities instead of gifts or trinkets or candy or whatever.

I pulled out a few items that I’d procured at Hobby Lobby last week…their Christmas stuff was already at 60% off…the week before Thanksgiving. I swear I do not understand the retail industry.

First we started with the tags. We thought it would be cool to stamp them. This proved to be harder than it looks. We kept stamping things to be 2014. We didn’t care.

They turned out pretty ok overall.

Then we typed up and printed out our activities. You can find a ton of ideas about what to do online. Here are the 24 we decided upon. I tried to keep these pretty simple so my Sister in Law wouldn’t kill me. Nothing like your child coming home with 24 complicated tasks for you to do. Merry Christmas!

1. Decorate a tree.

2. Shop for a new toy to donate to a charitable organization.

3. Write a letter to Santa.

4. Donate gently used toys, books or clothes to a shelter.

5. Talk to a baby and tell that baby all about Christmas.

6. Celebrate St. Nicholas Day!

7. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger or a friend.

8. Make a list of things you are thankful for.

9. Read a Christmas book.

10. Look up how children around the world celebrate different winter holidays. Tell a child or adult about what you learned.

11. Sing a Christmas song. At the top of your lungs.

12.  Have a family holiday movie or Christmas TV show night.

13.  Dance to Christmas music

14. Drink some hot chocolate

15.  Cut paper snowflakes

16.  Read the Christmas story

17.  Make holiday cards and take them to a nursing/retirement home.

18.  Light a candle and sing a Christmas carol.

19.  Wear Christmas socks

20.  Go for a walk outside and look at Christmas lights

21. Play a game as a family

22.  Eat a Christmas cookie

23.  Do something kind for someone else

24.  Set out cookies for Santa

We cut them out and put them in the boxes.

Anything is easy when it’s a team effort.




I sent Hannah home with 24 of these bad boys to celebrate December.

And I made easy sack versions for us. Same activity cut outs inside. Just put into sacks.

Happy Advent, friends!

(Here’s what we’ve done in past years: 2012 Advent Calendar, 2011 Advent Calendar, 2010 Advent Calendars)

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  • Reply Sarah December 2, 2013 at 9:43 am

    Good job on NOT driving your SIL insane. Holidays are hard as it is, but your activites are beautiful and nice. Looks like you had tons of FUN!!!

  • Reply Barchbo December 2, 2013 at 10:17 am

    I am really into advent calendars. What age did you start with Harry? Three and one are too young I think but we have already done several things on this list as part of our weirdness (A wears Christmas socks all year round.)

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