Ace Inspiration

Ace Inspiration

A few weeks ago, I helped throw a little get together at the Ace Hotel in NYC. The event was in a suite…which was suhweet…and completely, designingly inspiring. I was most moved by the bathroom though. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Think design.

The overall design aesthetics of the Ace are classic modern, sparse, simple. Perfect. And the bathroom was a simple, clean, black and white.

I’ve been thinking about the redo of the bathroom in this house…right now it’s a lovely* mossy green…and I’ve thought through a lot of different base color options, but I think the absence of color is just the thing. Especially after seeing the way it was done at the Ace. (*And by lovely, I mean horrible. )I’m not designer (obviously…design friends, help!), but it has a 1920s feel…and not just because we chilled the champagne in the bathtub…which works perfectly in this house. I’m digging the black grout with the white tile. The black doors and trim. The classic faucets and fixtures.  I really love the stencil on the mirror and may just replicate exactly, in tribute to NYC.  Why not? I think the Ace was just the inspiration I needed to get things moving. Wait, that sounded wrong again. Keep thinking about design.

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3 Responses to Ace Inspiration

  1. Barchbo says:

    We almost stayed at the Ace when we went to NYC in May but it was too alt-hip for Mr. Barchbo.

    Please feel free to come see our bathroom redo! It has white tile with dark grout (subway tile in the shower, small hex tile on the floor.) But the walls are a pale minty green. It always makes me hungry for mint chocolate chip ice cream (though at 35 weeks pregnant, everything makes me hungry.) Back on topic: we used classic fixtures and faucets (nickel) and did a vanity in dark wood. I like it. And I put up my 1920s London Underground prints to add to the 1920 vibe.

    I really love it. If only we had a clawfoot tub…sigh.

  2. Amanda says:

    I think classic is the best way to go for bathrooms, unless you…well, I’ll be honest, I am very loose when it comes to bathrooms, I fall in love with new ideas all the time. Sigh.

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