About Me

Hi, My Name is Laura...I dig British music, sushi, design magazines, enchiladas, and Elvis. And cheese. Lots of cheese. You should also known that I’m from Texas. And our people call it queso.

Behold the power of queso.

I discovered blogs in 2002 when I was up to my eyeballs in press releases and parties in the bubbly PR world (and oh my was the bubbly flowing). I could tell you stories, and I probably will. Eventually. But in the midst of all that, one day at my desk, I had a very clear vision of myself wearing a lemon housedress and cooking something in my great grandmother’s kitchen…in a house that she lived in in the 1940s… in a very small town right outside of Austin. Weird. I shook my head, adjusted my overpriced heels, and got back to work.

Fast forward 8 years…

I recently moved from the fourth-largest city in the country to a very small town right outside of Austin. Into the house my great grandmother occupied in the 1940s. And I regularly use the kitchen.

I share this house and my life with James and the best thing we’ve ever been a part of (our son…Harry).  We are all going through culture shock. But in a good way.

Join us!

And Welcome to the Queso.

It’s where dreams come to drink.

Want to know more about me? Delve.