A Voice From the Past

A Voice From the Past

Yesterday, Jenny sent me an email full of ghost voices. (After she wrote this lovely thing here.)

If you know Jenny, it isn’t all that surprising that she found an oddity, but this one stopped me.

With her superhuman internet search powers, she found an obscure interview that my great uncle PJ did in the 1970s about his parade float business.

It has been decades since I’ve heard my uncle speak. He passed only five years ago, but he suffered from a form of Lou Gehrig’s disease for years before that, and honestly I had forgotten.

It’s amazing how quickly we change and fade away.

But this took me straight back.

Thank you, Jenny.


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12 Responses to A Voice From the Past

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  2. Rachel says:

    What a truly amazing gift! And how cool is your uncle?!

  3. barchbo says:

    What a lovely gift!

    Is that a painting of PJ?

  4. Laura says:

    That is a painting of PJ in his younger years. It’s in my office now… as I often attempt to channel a few ounces of his creativity.

  5. tish (Laura's sister) says:

    Wow! Thank you so much Jenny (and Laura for posting)! This made my day. I love my Uncle PJ also and he was sick for most of my life after high school so I haven’t seen him this healthy, articulate, and capable since I was a kid! It was so amazing to watch this. Thank you for finding it! I miss PJ.

  6. rebecca says:

    loved watching this and hearing your uncle talk about his work. great footage.

  7. barchbo says:

    I love that I could see so much of young PJ in older PJ. He was a handsome devil!

  8. Lise says:

    I just found your page from Jenny’s post about the auction. I enjoyed looking at the pictures of all the float props. I would love to see a video of the auction; it’d be so cool. Just watched the interview – the wizard behind the magic!!

    I’m inspired to go catch a parade (Kennywood’s Fall Fantasy, here in Pittsburgh)

    and I have to catch up on reading your blog. This worldwide web is a lot of fun.

  9. Angela says:

    This made me tear up. My step-father passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease eight months ago. It is an especially sad way to die. I am sorry for your loss and glad that you are still finding memories and ways to celebrate his life.

  10. Margie says:

    Your uncle seems like a great character, and Jenny is clearly a superhero for finding such a treasure. I just came across old letter and pictures that I had never seen before from my relatives, and boy is that unexpected voice from the past a wonderful thing to have.

  11. zulma says:

    What talent…making a living from what he dreamed up. What an inspiration in your own family…

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