428 Steps.

This is my desk.

My desk is lovely. It is in the back of a charming little bookspace. Only 428 steps away from a charminger French coffee shop that is always full of conversation, croissants, and most importantly, caffeine.

And this morning I really needed caffeine. It’s true I’ve been toying with the idea of giving up coffee for green tea, but especially on days like today, I know in my heart I will never totally break from a well-made cappuccino with cinnamon and chocolate, thank you very much.

Because it helps.

There is another coffee supplier place just 101 steps from my desk, but it’s sort of blah, and it’s not always open. It always says it’s open. But sometimes it’s just not. There’s a metaphor there that I haven’t applied to anything yet. And it usually annoys me.

Today was one of the days when it really annoyed me, because it’s bad enough that I’m jonesing for hot crack when it’s 105 outside, and it’s another thing to have to walk an extra 327 steps for it.

So I was a inappropriately annoyed and appropriately thirsty when I took that 428th step into the cute coffee space. The place you want to go. Where everybody knows your name. Because it really is. And it felt especially so when a happy voice said, “And there’s Laura Mayes!” as I walked in.

Because that just happened.

In a city of almost six million people, two of my favorite people just so happened to be in my favorite coffee space at the exact same time I’d walked 428 steps to get there. That’s kismet. That’s mood enhancing.

And that’s love.

(Also, speaking of love, this lovely lady just randomly walked up to my desk and helped my upload that above photo in some weird html way because the blogger platform is currently making me lose my shit. On a related note, I think it’s time to rework the Queso. This needs to happen. Amen. And happy Love Thursday.)

The Details

5 Responses to 428 Steps.

  1. Anne L. says:

    Love your desk. Love that you love hot coffee in hot weather. Love your precise count of steps. Love that you seem to know everyone.I want to be you. Seriously. Are there meds I could take that would do the trick?

  2. barchbo says:

    I wish I could walk to a coffee shop from my desk. I can, however walk 428 feet in either direction and arrive at a Texas Dept of Criminal Justice building. So, there's that.

  3. Design Mom says:

    Pretty desk for a pretty girl.

  4. Katherine Center says:

    Wasn't that a great morning? Don't you wish that could happen all the time? I will never have coffee there again without hoping to see you walk through the door.

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