40 Before I’m 40.

40 Before I’m 40.

When it comes to creating a Bucket List, I’d like to say, although others have done this well, I’m not sure I’m ready to jot it all down. Because A.) I don’t want to think about the bucket and B.) the endless possibilities seem too vast for me to commit to a list.

That said…Last year, making a year-long to-do list (the 4/15 to 4/15 list) worked for me as an organizational tool (and I’m not really all that into organizational tools). Really.

So…Since I have a big birthday coming up, I’ve been meaning to write a “40 things I want to do before I’m 40″ list. However, just the other day I realized, this date is drawing frighteningly near (like nine-months-away near). But whatever, if I can make an entire super cute person in nine months, then surely I can do 40 things I want to do in that same time period. Right? Right. So here goes nothing.

My 40 before I’m 40 smackdown.

01. Take Harry to Disneyland.

02. Learn a lot more about cheese.

03. Develop the practice of walking.

04. Walk a marathon.

05. Re-do my great grandmother’s house.

a. Re-do my bedroom.

b. Create a pretty workspace.

c. Create a closet that’s functional and beautiful.

d. Redesign my living room/dining room.

06. Take painting lessons.

07. Throw Harry a rad 5-year-old birthday party that is exactly how he wants it. (In the works)

08. Go on a flying adventure with Harry. (Done! 7.5.10)

09. Make my own perfume.

10. Buy a piece of art.

11. Establish 40 go-to recipes. (In the works)

12. Install a cheery porch swing.

13.  Create an herb garden. (Done! 5.29.10)

14.  Create a vegetable garden. (In the works)

15.  Carve a pumpkin that I grew and make a pie out of it.

16.  Establish a house that smells like gardenias.

17.  Learn to knit.

18. Do my own laundry. (This is different than it sounds. I swear.)

19.  Thoroughly read Just Use This Mind.

20.  Start a meditation practice.

21.  Put on an inspirational event in San Francisco.

22.  Throw a big party in New York City. (Done! 8.6.10)

23.  Throw a dinner party on the San Marcos River.

24.  Have a gigantic garage sale.

25.  Start to write something and see what it turns into.

26. Make a soundtrack every quarter.

27. Have a bizarre red dress photo shoot with old parade float decorations, and a beautiful red dress photo shoot in a place that I love.

28. Have a picnic on a beach. Fly a kite on a beach. Have sex on a beach. (Not all at the same time.) (Picnic, Done! 7.7.10)

29.  Re-do Kirtsy’s back-end and front-end.

30.  Take a yoga class with Harry.

31.  Become a regular at the Farmers Market. (In the works)

32.  See the Marfa lights. (Done! 5.14.10  and 5.15.10)

33. Drink whiskey at a pub in Ireland and scotch at a pub in Scotland.

34. Visit the Rosslyn Chapel

35. Attend a seder.

36. Join a church.

37. Focus on construction (as opposed to deconstruction).

38. Make and eat homemade ice cream with loved ones in the backyard.

39. Make myself this cake for my birthday.

40. Learn the discipline of practicing gratitude.

And there it is.

40 items I hope to do in the next nine months.

As I attempt to do these, I’ll update my progress here on The Queso.  In the meantime, I’d love to see what would appear on your list. Are you into these kinds of things? Do you make year lists, life lists, whatnot? Keep me posted.

Soundtrack: Everybody’s Gotta Live.

The List

18 Responses to 40 Before I’m 40.

  1. #41. Be my best friend. (check.)

  2. shauna says:

    I couldn’t resist delurking to wish you best of luck with your list! If you need a local to give some tips and/or directions with the Scotch whiskey or Rossyln Chapel, I’d be happy to help out! :)

  3. Barchbo says:

    I make lists but they frequently get scrapped or heavily amended. For example, my 40 things before I turn 40 got scrapped completely when I got pregnant at 39. Which underscores my belief that I can’t let a list hold me hostage!

    And I love your list! Though I do not love it nearly as much as I love your nine-month project the ‘Cane!! And maybe I can tag along for #30 – I want to take my niece, too!

  4. Annah says:

    I really LOVE this list. I’ve hear that #39 is something that EVERYONE should do, especially with their children or husband/boyfriend/dog whatever. I’ll join for 33! Cheers :)

  5. I resisted writing these down, too, even though I’ve made informal Desire Lists for ages now. But Maggie Mason and Karen Walrond kept writing about the fun magic and stories their life lists have created, so just last week, I jumped in, too: http://jennifergandin.com/2010/05/27/mighty-life-list/

  6. I hit “submit” too soon! I meant to say that it’s so rad that you’ve seen the Marfa lights. I was born in Texas and have lived in Austin for two and a half years now, but I haven’t made it out to Marfa yet. Your photos and stories are inspiring me to get out there sooner than later.

    Here’s to happy magic in our lives!

  7. Rosslyn chapel is on my life list. When are we going?

  8. i’ll do #21 with you. :)

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  10. Wendy says:

    Just found you via Jenny. I love this idea. And for when you tackle the knitting thing, this is the website where my sister, cousin and I taught ourselves how to knit. http://www.knittinghelp.com/ It has a ton of super helpful videos for both styles of knitting. (Not that I’m that good, but, well, you know.)

    We share a lot of goals! I’m currently working on solidifying my meditation practice (I’ve done it off and on for years). And just this year I have started a regular walking/running program. From January to right now, I’ve gone 478 miles. I keep track on http://www.mapmyrun.com/ and have walking buddies (both really helpful motivators).

    Good luck with these! See you around.

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  18. Lisa says:

    So inspired, I am going to do a 50 by 50 List for myself! (18 months, I think even I, queen procrastinator, can take a crack at it!)
    Thank you!!!

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