21 Things I Want To Do Before Next Summer. (A Top 21 before 6/21/12 List) (#Lifelist)

21 Things I Want To Do Before Next Summer. (A Top 21 before 6/21/12 List) (#Lifelist)

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For years now, I’ve made Yearlong To-Do Lists, Tax-Day-to-Tax-Day Lists, Birthday-to-Birthday Lists. Basically, small-section versions of the beloved Life Lists. But since moving to the country, it seems that seasons have started to matter more. Even our weird seasons in Texas. And not to go all moon-cycle Farmer’s Almanac on you, but it’s a pretty big deal around here. Almost visceral. I like that.

Also, I bet you already know this, but every season starts on the 21st (June 21st, Sept. 21, Dec. 21, March 21). So riffing off that, I wrote up 21 things I want to do before next June 21, 2012…

Things grow with the seasons…and I’m going with it.

Let’s do this.

01. Take Harry to Disney World. It’s number one for enumerable reasons.

02. Develop the practice of walking and walk a marathon. Oh heck, why not? This could be the year.

03. Refurbish the old chicken coop and get chickens. Pretty chickens.

04. Learn to make bread. And make it fairly regularly. Also, learn how to make tortillas from scratch.

05. Take painting lessons. This will be on my list every year until I actually do it. So help me Listmaking God.

06. Throw Harry a rad 6-year-old birthday party in our own backyard.

07. Buy a piece of art. Real art. For real.

08. Establish 40 go-to recipes. (In the works)

09. Install that cheery porch swing. Because seriously how hard could that be? (It’s only been on the list for two years now.)

10. Throw a dinner party on the San Marcos River.

11. Take a yoga class with Harry.

12. Drink whiskey at a pub in Ireland and scotch at a pub in Scotland.

13. Visit the Rosslyn Chapel

14. Visit Gabby in France.

15. Attend a seder at Laurie’s house.

16. Create a new event.

17. Plant some trees. A fig tree. A lemon tree. A lime tree. An apple tree. A pear tree. A pomegranate tree. And an almond tree.

18. Go to the beach with my extended family.

19. Plant a seasonal garden every season.

20. Re-do my great grandmother’s house. The never-ending item.

a. Re-do my bedroom.

b. Create a closet that’s functional and beautiful.

c. Re-do the mudroom/laundry room.

d. Redesign my living room/dining room.

e. Finish the bathroom.

f. Re-do the kitchen.

g. Make the backyard pretty.

21. And post here almost every day. This will be the hardest of all. And if I do it, I will win a prize. (I can’t wait to see what the prize will be!)

Soundtrack: When I Grow Up & Everybody’s Gotta Live.

The List

7 Responses to 21 Things I Want To Do Before Next Summer. (A Top 21 before 6/21/12 List) (#Lifelist)

  1. melanie says:

    For #4, go to Smitten Kitchen and make the white bread recipe: http://smittenkitchen.com/2006/09/the-other-side-of-atkins/. It is the easiest, most fool-proof bread recipe ever (and I have made a lot of bread and screwed up several loaves, too!), and it comes out really delicious. Smear it with butter and eat it hot out of the oven and your day is pretty much 1000 times better.
    Then you can go crazy with the different fun breads, but at least you’ve gotten “learn to make bread” mostly out of the way, because you’ll have made it! : )

  2. Laura says:

    Melanie, this is exactly why I love the Internet. Thank you so much. You just made this happen!

  3. barchbo says:

    You can do it!

    I’ll help in any way I can with #2! I love walking! The most I have walked is 12 miles, but I’m game!

    And you know I am a big fan of #21!

  4. Erin says:

    Wow, that’s crazy. Good luck. I did the math. You have to do 1 item every 2.5 weeks. If you get 10 of these done, I’d be super impressed.

    Recommendations- I ran (very slowly) 2 marathons with Team In Training. It helps to have help.

  5. Renate says:

    Wow, Laura… my list is almost an exact replica of yours! (Except for things with the kiddo, as I don’t have children). I also live outside of Austin on a farm in the country, though probably farther out than you (east), but… chickens, garden, trees, total remodelling of a house, etc…. all ditto! Since I’m right there with ya… I’ve been planning and scheduling how all these things fit into the seasons. Definitely wait until fall to plant your trees, as this heat will stress them way too much, and the winter is when they will work hardest on growing their roots while the above ground part stays dormant. I’m sure you already know all that, and I’m also sure you already know about Natural Gardener, but if not… you… must…. go… there! You’ll get all kinds of help from a very knowledgeable staff. Right now is when to start preparing beds and planting an edible fall/winter garden, even though it’s a bajillion degrees out! Also, Jerry’s Artarama in Austin offers some fun art classes and has the best prices on materials, there’s a Funky Chicken Coop tour in April for ideas, and… well, that’s enough.
    I’d love to know what you mean by ‘create a new event’… something philanthropic?…. or your own person holiday, or big bash?

  6. Steph says:

    I love your list. I am going to make one of my own!

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