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March 2012

The Last Auction.

March 2, 2012

Tomorrow we will have our third and final auction of my great uncle PJ Allen’s estate. As you may remember (last fall I wrote about this and Jenny did too), PJ was a professional Parade Float and party decorator for festivals, parades, bar mitzvahs, debutantes, and a variety of other celebrations from  the 1940s to the 1990s. Five decades. Five barns. And it’s all going tomorrow. Hopefully. I say that, but I will miss it.

On Sunday, Jenny and I trudged through the barns for one last floaty time. And it just wasn’t the same. A number of things found new homes last fall…to be used in school plays, haunted houses, sold at Uncommon Objects. And Maggie even saw a ton of PJ’s stuff at a market in San Francisco. So freaking cool. Many things have found new homes. Many more will this weekend.

If you’re around, stop by. We’ll be saying goodbye to a lifetime of work…and waving happily as our long-time paper mache neighbors drive off to their new homes.

I’ll miss those crazy guys.

Here’s more info and photos of all that will be sold. 

Photo by Jenny Lawson.

Musicality: Six Bands I Can’t Wait To See at SXSW 2012

March 1, 2012

*UME photo from Beat Lawrence

So 80 kabillion people are about to descend upon our city. And I couldn’t be more excited. I’m already filling my calendar with interesting parties (watch out, this blog is going to be filled with party shots and details over the next few weeks) and music too.

Last year, I way over-extended myself…because, let’s face it, SXSW is eternal, and when you live here, people just keep coming in, and there are things to do, and the next thing you know, you have The Bird Flu. Oh yes you do.

But this year, I’m going to pace myself. Did you hear that? You can totally use that against me in two weeks when I have The Bird Flu. But until then, let’s preview some music.

UME. I’m exceptionally excited about seeing this group perform live. For real.


Quiet Company. I’ve been listening to Quiet Company’s 3rd album “We Are All Where We Belong” on a loop this week. I can’t wait to see them!


Wild Moccasins.  I’ve never seen them live either, but it’s time. I love female lead singers….


Young Magic. These guys are new to me. But their sound is addictive.


Rosie and Me. You guys know I have a love for these bluegrassy sounds…


Say Hi. These Seattle guys seem pretty happy. I like them. Tell them I said hi.