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February 2012

Weekend Ideas: DIY Valentines

February 10, 2012

So. It’s the weekend before Valentine’s Day. And Harry and I will be hanging out, making Valentines. And playing Skylanders. As we’ve already established, I dig these little projects…even though I’m totally not crafty, nor do I have actual design skills. Thank God for the Internet. Here are my top five favorite cool ideas this year.

From Jacolyn Murphy. So clever.

Superhero blowpops from Zakka Life.

Heart crayons! From A Sprinkle of This and a Dash of That.

And this looks the most appetizing to me. Valentines Confetti from Nest of Posies

And my all-time favorite that I want to make every year, but never do. You’re the Bomb Rolo candy Valentines from Make It Do.

But Harry wants to make chocolate covered bacon and give that out. We all know who wins these things. (Appropriately, the one with the actual Valentines party.)


In Other News and In Case You Missed It This Week….

1. Lisa Belkin at the Huffington Post wrote this thoughtful piece about doing your child’s homework. And she used me as her primary example. Oh dear. Thankfully she didn’t present me as too completely insane.

2. This crazy guy shot his daughter’s laptop. I saw this video yesterday afternoon, and it had about 10K views. Less than 24 hours later, it had almost 2 million.  (Lisa Belkin wrote a good piece about this too.) But this whole thing (and mainly, the way people reacted to it) made me think that there’s a waay bigger issue here. We’re the first generation to raise children on the Internet. What I mean is, I didn’t have Internet until after college…and I have a 6 year old. I have no parental example about how to deal with the Internet at all. We didn’t even have our own phone lines back when I was in high school. Clearly, there are some major control (or out of control) issues here…and we’re forging the way on how to handle this (or not). We don’t know what to do (or what we’re doing)…and we are a generation of parents who are at-the-core-of-things scared. That’s my take. But I just have a Kindergartener, what do I know? It’s never occurred to me to shoot anything of his, so far. I’ll keep you posted.

3. These million moms, or a few moms anyway, started hassling Ellen. And said that all traditional people agreed with them. I don’t know what traditional is anymore, really. But it seemed like bullying to me. I wrote about it all over on Pushing Refresh. Other people are doing a buy-in to support the people that are supporting her. You can join in that too. (I’m going to do this on Sunday.)

4. Mom 2.0 Summit announced its first group of speakers. And they’re incredible.

5. I found a ton of Valentines dresses I want at Meat Market Vintage.

Happy Weekend!

100th Day of School Project

February 6, 2012

This is the second year in a row that Harry has done a project for the 100th day of school. I guess this is now a thing? When did this become a thing? (Dumb first-time parent question: Do they do this every year for all eternity? Or is this just a pre-school/kindergarten thing? I’m guessing this will end at some point.) Last year, we were at a different school and Harry was charged with bringing 100 items in a box. He took 100 treasures to school…(we use the term ‘treasures’ lightly around here. A rock = a treasure.)…so basically he took a big box of rocks to school, and the whole project was sort-of a hot mess.

This year, he was asked to put 100 items on a poster board. So the rocks were out. The other thing about this year’s project was its most-important direction…the kid has to do it himself. He has to decide what he wants to do. And he has to do it. No competition for the best-poster-EVAH between parents here. No sir, this one’s for the kids. And. If you know my dark sides at all, you know I hate this direction. Because these are the kinds of projects that I overly love in a really dumb way, and these are the kinds of projects that every ounce of me is inclined to completely take over.

But I didn’t. I stood back, bit my tongue and let made Harry run with it (much to his dismay). He wasn’t that into it. But we talked about a lot of ideas. 100 Pennies. 100 Legos. Other 100 objects that would need to be purchased. He suggested paper boxes in different colors. (Great idea. And free!) I suggested Post-Its (so we’d not have to cut anything). He suggested Post-Its, but with lots of cutting. And after a lot of indecision and some intense whining (by both of us), we did it, and it’s done.

And honestly, the kid did it himself for the most part. I helped with some of the cutting, but he was very specific and indignant about what he wanted this to be and how he wanted it to look. I don’t have a photo of the final because 6 am came especially early this morning, but it was a more linear version of the top photo with numbers written in the squares and his name in cursive (kind of ) in glitter paint (glitter paint? really?) at the top. I’ll add a photo tomorrow, but all in all, it turned out great, maybe not how I would have done it…but honestly, thank God for that because this one is so Harry, and it’s awesome. Also, it’s done.

Update: Here’s a photo of the final result.

And here it is with some other 100 day posters, hanging out in the hall.

And because I muffled myself from taking over Harry’s project sharing ideas with Harry, I’ll share some cool 100th day ideas with you. Just in case you  your child is ever in the need of ideas. I love these.

From Aesthetics of Joy. This one actually reminds me of Harry’s. Only with paint chips. Smart. No cutting involved.

From This Mama Makes Stuff

100 Eye Monster from Tip Junkie 

And another one from Tip Junkie (Love Tip Junkie!). 100 Gum balls in a gum ball machine.

From JK Create on Etsy and So Knit Picky

Okay, this one is totally rad, but Harry was not into it at all. But how cool is this? 100 crayons, some glue, a hair dryer and bam. Here’s a great tutorial.

Or you can buy one here.