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January 2012

I Am Shopping for Crystal Chandeliers on the Internet. I’m Not Sure Which Part of This is the Most Unsettling.

January 28, 2012

The words crystal and chandelier creep me out. Put them together and, I don’t know, weird. I get that this is overly irrational, but shopping for crystal chandeliers is unsettling.  It makes me think of bawdy Old (Mae) West brothels, or snobby Marie Antoinette, or the stranger parts of the 1970s.  But my MIL sent me this great photo of an entryway in a house, and it’s exactly what I want. And if I find the right one, I think it could bring some old fashioned 1915 Downton Abbey glam to the 1915 Central Texas house. The juxtaposition might be interesting.

In other words, I think I’m now in the market for a crystal chandelier. Or just a chandelier maybe. I don’t know.

From Adams Antiques Importers

From Alexander & Pearl


From Gallery 74

From Anthropologie 

Let There Be Flight hanging lamp from Mod Cloth

(Ok, I realize this is going in a completely different direction. But it’s kinda cute.)

From Amazon

From Lamps Plus

Also from Lamps Plus

From Bowery Lighting Company

And again with the Bowery Lighting Company

And one more from Bowery

For the most part, I tried to stay on the lower end of the price scale. Just because, whatever. But there are some amazing ones if you’re willing to spend $5K on ceiling crystal. I am not.

Anyone have any lighting tips? Like the most amazing vintage store to get 1915 chandeliers in my neighborhood for $500 or less? I feel like a grown up just talking about this. Next, I’m going to discuss politics and taxes. And have a bridge party. You’re all invited.


Pam pointed me CSN Lighting, where I found this one…which is the closest I’ve seen to the top photo online. It’s still way more than I want to spend (Of course I want to spend $25) and maybe smaller than I want, maybe. But yes. Closer.