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February 2011

Happy Valentines From Harry.

February 14, 2011

Harry’s school doesn’t do Valentines.

Well, technically they do, but it’s more like Valentine. Singular.

The concept: Each child brings just one big Valentine for the class.

I assume this is an attempt to make things easier, less out-of-control…and really, it’s a pretty good idea.

But Harry is not one for easy or in-control.

So, basically, the one big Valentine idea wasn’t awesome to him.

Mainly, he did not like the whole “one” thing.

But he definitely got the “big” concept.

He was only cool with bringing one valentine if it was attached to 25 balloons. One for everyone in the class.

So we made that happen.

And he felt pretty rad about the whole thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Us!

May your day be fanastically out-of-control.