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August 2010

Cool, Stackable Bowls

August 31, 2010

In this new old house, the kitchen is giant. Giant. But it really hasn’t been update since the 60s, and it has approximately 60 inches of cabinet space for dishes. No one knows why.

Also, related, I have a thing for coffee mugs and bowls that sorta resemble coffee mugs. I like them. I like to own them. But they don’t stack well, which isn’t awesome for a kitchen with 60 inches of cabinet space for dishes.

So I’m thinking whenever I get this kitchen fixed up, I’d like to celebrate with brand new matching (matching!) and stackable dishes. Some like this perhaps. From Benjamin Hubert studio. Don’t you just love the little matching spoons?

Ace Inspiration

August 24, 2010

A few weeks ago, I helped throw a little get together at the Ace Hotel in NYC. The event was in a suite…which was suhweet…and completely, designingly inspiring. I was most moved by the bathroom though. Wait, that didn’t sound right. Think design.

The overall design aesthetics of the Ace are classic modern, sparse, simple. Perfect. And the bathroom was a simple, clean, black and white.

I’ve been thinking about the redo of the bathroom in this house…right now it’s a lovely* mossy green…and I’ve thought through a lot of different base color options, but I think the absence of color is just the thing. Especially after seeing the way it was done at the Ace. (*And by lovely, I mean horrible. )I’m not designer (obviously…design friends, help!), but it has a 1920s feel…and not just because we chilled the champagne in the bathtub…which works perfectly in this house. I’m digging the black grout with the white tile. The black doors and trim. The classic faucets and fixtures.  I really love the stencil on the mirror and may just replicate exactly, in tribute to NYC.  Why not? I think the Ace was just the inspiration I needed to get things moving. Wait, that sounded wrong again. Keep thinking about design.

Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta.

August 23, 2010

On Saturday, I got back from the beach to a bunch of tweets from my friend Jenny, who was in distress after her dog died, which resulted in her running around her yard with a machete trying to murder vultures. (Long story here.) I called her to see if she was okay, and she clearly wasn’t, so I told her I was walking out to door, to drive to her place, to dig up her dead dog. (Other long story here.) It was not how I’d expected the day to go, but sometimes, that’s just how things roll out. On the way to Jenny’s house, I was crossing the Devil’s Backbone (that’s really what it’s called) and I thought, A.) If I have to go over the Devil’s Backbone to get to Jenny’s new place, that must mean that one of us resides near the Devil’s Brain and one near the Devil’s Asshole. (I don’t want to think about which  lives where.) and B.) I’ve never dug up a dead body before, but surely I can do this. This is what my grandmother would have done. Without blinking. In fact, this is just the kind of thing that randomly occurs in Central Texas. Get used to it. Oh how my life has changed. So I went. And it wasn’t all that bad. (Well, it was kind-of bad. But mainly, it was just great to help.) Most importantly, we did it. We took care of it. In 10 minutes time, we were able to lift a major weight that had troubled a friend for days. Not by thinking (obviously) or analyzing, or proselytizing. But by doing. Teamwork.

Soundtrack: Predictably, The Geto Boyz

Salsa a Go-Go

August 23, 2010

I’ve had five emails tonight asking me for my salsa recipe. (Weird. I wonder why.) I don’t always carry the ingredients for salsa in my bag, but when I do, here’s what I have:

Laura’s Salsa a Go-Go

A number of homegrown tomatoes

Jalapeno peppers





Miller Lite

Salt and pepper

The truth is, I don’t have a recipe for this. I just throw in what I have, and it tastes a little different every time. It all really depends on how many tomatoes I have. And I go from there.

Optimally I put in the following in a food processor and blend: five to eight tomatoes (random sizes and colors…the more different types the better), 2-3 jalapeno peppers, a cup of chopped onions, 3 cloves of chopped garlic, a huge bunch of cilantro, the juice of a whole lime, a cup or less of beer, dash of everything else.

Experiment. And enjoy!

These Guys are Total Vultures.

August 22, 2010

Have you ever seen a vulture. Like really up close? I was about 50 yards away from these when I took this shot. Definitely not wanting to get any closer. I’m not sure I would have been brave enough to chase them off with a sword (as Jenny did). They’re really scary. And they were really pissed that we moved Barnaby Jones.