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September 2009

Greece Is The Word.

September 14, 2009

I should start by telling you that I’m seven days back from a seven day trip to Greece, and I’m just sorta kinda starting to feel like I’m beginning to come down from the high.Secondly, you should know that none of these photos were color enhanced and/or photoshopped in any way. For reals, y’all. As Maggie implied, it’s the policy of the government to ensure that all imperfections are airbrushed away each morning before anyone awakes. No, more than a policy.
It’s the LAW.

And since it took me about seven days to get used to the time difference, and seven more days to revert back, it seems the whole way-too-short trip is now just a jumbled blur of images. Ridiculously gorgeous images. Ridiculously gorgeous images that looked a little something like this.
(I had to group them a bit until I get them up on flickr. There are just so many. You can click on the images to make them larger/see them better.)

Thankfully, I also have about 900 of these images in my camera that I’m beginning to download. And sort. Images of Athens. And Santorini. And Naxos. And Mykonos. Beautiful places where Maggie and Aubrey and I walked ancient streets filled with every flavor, and texture, and accent you could imagine. In other words, it was somewhat aesthetically and sensorially pleasing. Times about 1,915,047.

And speaking of pleasing. I’m usually pretty happy to sit down to a meal with special beverages. But when you consider that my meals were served up with views like these below (each shot was taken from my seat at different tables), you can understand why I was almost too distracted…or relaxed…to eat. For some reason, I wasn’t ever hungry on the trip, which was always surprising. And I didn’t sleep much either. Weird.

Of course, we did find a variety of ways to entertain ourselves.

In fact, most of the 900 photos I have are of the three of us, out and about, you know, getting into the Greece of things.

It’s clear to me, after reviewing the images, that we had a really good time.

You could say it was because of the location, or the aesthetics, or the adventure of it all.And that’s all true.

Those things were beyond lovely.

But I credit the company.Thanks Aubrey and Maggie. It was a dream.

Now, start catching up on some sleep.

And. Shut. Up.

(I’d also like to give huge credit to Intel, who is sponsoring portions of Maggie’s Life List, and who made this trip happen. Their “Sponsors of Tomorrow campaign is one of the smartest I’ve seen…and their tagline ‘Today is So Yesterday‘ might be my favorite saying ever.
They are the real Rock Stars.)