15. Have a Cool Pair of Glasses for Every Day of the Week: Here’s Where I Got Them.

15. Have a Cool Pair of Glasses for Every Day of the Week: Here’s Where I Got Them.

So last year, when I made my life list, I included: “15. Have a cool pair of glasses for every day of the week.” Because now that I actually have to wear glasses every day of the week (Dammit 40!), I am picky about (and need variety in) the things I have to put on my face.  Honestly, I would have 300 pair if I could. But that would be ridiculous and glasses are dumb expensive…. However, I got a tip from a hipster friend, and in the spirit of hipster SXSW week, I’m passing it along to you. Sort of a PSA for the visually challenged and glasses obsessed….

To make this happen, I got my prescription from my doctor and ordered them myself online (It’s would be totally impossible for me to afford 7 pairs of glasses from my optometrist.) And I found this site that I now tell everyone (including you) about. (Seriously, everyone asks me about these glasses…just this morning, like 10 minutes ago, the three girls that work at the bank next door to my office all sort of bombarded me when I went in. So that happened.)

So here it is. The secret to owning 7 pairs of glasses: This site. 

They run about $20 to $60 a piece. You put in your own prescription (It’s yours, take it with you, and don’t buy the expensive glasses at your optometrist’s office. Seriously. Major markup.) And about 10 days later or less, they’re in your mail. Done.

This sounds like an advertisement. It’s not. This isn’t even a sponsored post. It’s an above-and-beyond love post. Because I love my glasses. I am asked where I got them all the time. All the time. And because 1800specs will be at the Kirtsy Girl Guy SXSWi party with frames and coupons and other treats, I’m sure. (However, if you can’t come to the party, you can still get 50% off any prescription-filled frames of your choosing at 1800specs.com until March 31st. Code: Kirtsy.) Get your prescription and get your glases. You’re welcome.

Happy SXSW week! (Oh. I totally plan to take some shots of all the hipster glasses that are about to descend like flies on this tiny little town we call Weird. I’ll report back.)

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13 Responses to 15. Have a Cool Pair of Glasses for Every Day of the Week: Here’s Where I Got Them.

  1. Adam says:

    Thanks for the great review, and the Bolt looks great on you.
    Just two minor corrections. While we strive to deliver the eyeglasses as quickly as possible, quality control and processing times may take 7-14 days.
    The second corection it is not “ridiculous”, “dumb” or “expensive” to have 300 pairs of eyeglasses. That would be like saying it was ridiculous or dumb to have 300 pairs of shoes.

  2. Amanda says:

    There’s another really good site for cheap frames too – http://www.zennioptical.com/
    I actually prefer their site because it’s easier to filter through to what I’m looking for. There’s also a very useful feature where you can load a picture of your face and ‘try on’ different glasses. Super cool and WAY cheaper than the eye doc!
    By the way, I love that you’re reading Jenny’s book in your picture ;-)

  3. Laura says:

    Adam, if I had 300 pairs of shoes, I would hate my own guts. ;)

    Amanda, cool. Thanks!

  4. Manda says:

    I second the zennioptical recommendation! I’m sure this site is great too, but you can never have too many options. (Plus, they have a buy two get one free deal right now!)

  5. Bettina says:

    How can I turn down a new pair of eyeglasses for $13.47? I can’t! Thanks for the tip and the coupon code. I also wear glasses everyday and need variety, this pair will be my sixth (not including the super back up ugly pair I have).

    Here’s another tip: I’ve gotten a couple pairs from Coastal.com–I love the glasses and their site, and refer EVERYONE there. They also donate a pair for every pair you buy, and every new customer gets their first pair free (there’s a banner on the homepage explaining). Disclosure: I get referral credits if you use this link, but I’d recommend them even without it:http://www.coastal.com/refer/5163024443

  6. Mayor Gia says:

    Ohhh I want to do that, it’s a good idea. I just paid waaay too much for mine. It’s awesome that you’re reading thebloggess’s book…i wish i had a copy already!

  7. Alt-Mama says:

    I am SUPER excited about this, as I wear contacts WAY longer than can possibly good for my eyes, every day (and late into the night) because I hate my glasses. Which also cost me far too much money from my optometrist back in NYC who waxed on about what an awesome deal my ripoff vision insurance had scored me (have since moved to ATX, and left the corporate world and its bullshit insurance plans… but I digress). I definitely need to hook myself up with some cool frames, and this is just the incentive I was waiting for to do so. SXSW is upon us, and I’m ready. BUT– and maybe this is just me being type-A?– what about sizing with this online thing? How does that work? Do you just guess at it and get your frames adjusted somewhere if necessary? Lemme know. And thank you so much for the coupon code etc.!

  8. Barchbo says:

    I stopped by the 1800specs booth and they were super nice. As someone who has needed glasses every day since I was SEVEN, I like options. Can’t wait to try them out!

    SXSW is like Eyeglasses Heaven. They are everywhere!

  9. the muskrat says:

    Thanks for this! I only have one pair that I wear every day, and they were expensive as Hell (something about the “made in Italy” bit), so I’d love some variety!

  10. Briana@HGTV says:

    Such a pleasure to meet you at SXSW, Laura! I was wearing contacts when we met, but I’m in the market for new glasses, so this comes at just the right time. :) Do you mind me asking what brand yours are? (It might help me sort through the massive selection on the site!)

  11. Desiree says:

    I’ve thought about ordering from that website. I’m nowhere near 40 but I’ve been stuck with glasses for 11 years now and the only way I won’t have to wear glasses the rest of my life is if I get eye surgery.

    My only concern is how my lenses would turn out. I have some pretty wonky eyes. Maybe I’ll give them a shot one day.

  12. Laura says:

    Briana, it was great to meet you too! These in the photo are the Bolt frames.

  13. Laura says:

    Alt-Mama, I’m actually not sure about sizing, but good question. Mine worked great though. I think they have an easy return thing if they don’t. I haven’t had to use it, but that’s my understanding.

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