15. Carve a pumpkin that I grew and make a pie out of it.

15.  Carve a pumpkin that I grew and make a pie out of it.

Number 15 involves a long story that starts back on July 5th, and is so boring it’s not worth telling. It’s a meta tale about goals and intentions and weather and do-overs and more. This tale would be at least one naval-gazing blog post in itself (and I do have lovely photos to accompany it) (not photos of my naval), and I may tell it too, that is, if I’m really bored one day…but the moral of the story is much like the story-moral Maggie wrote after our trip to Greece about the Sunrise over the Aegean Sea (you can read that here).

The short version: I grew a ton of pumpkins (Hooray! That was the point!)

But instead of making a pie out of them, I painted them. Or, rather, Harry painted them.

Here’s how it went down.

The pumpkins that ended up growing were not the pumpkins planted for yummy pies, but the ones planted for pretty decor.

So, okay. Awesome. We had nice decor for the Fall Porch.

But then it was Christmas.

And then the pumpkins looked kinda weird.

Something else that looked weird on our porch…these orangish yellow chairs that were starting to mold. Yes, mold. Gross.

So I de-molded them and started to paint them. Red. Cherry. Christmasey.

You might guess what happened next.

Hurricane Harry entered the scene.

He wanted to help. I said no way, little brother. He persisted. Then he whined. Then he negotiated. Then he started over again with the persisting. This cycle went on for a long time.

Then, I had an idea.

What? You don’t let your 63-month-old play with spray paint? Weird.

Harry painted all the orange pumpkins red.

I think it turned out quite nice. Don’t you?

Early next year, we’ll pop out the green ones…and I think we’re set until after Valentine’s Day.

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2 Responses to 15. Carve a pumpkin that I grew and make a pie out of it.

  1. kristen says:

    there you go… changing the world again. Merry Christmas, rock star.

  2. I love seeing any glimpses of your house. The red chairs are so fun and porch looks great!

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