107 Days.

107 Days.

In 107 days, I will turn 40. This is super weird math because I feel somewhere around 14 1/2. Math has never been my strong suit.

But speaking of numbers, I have 40 things that I’ve dared myself to do in the next 107 days. And by all accounts, I’ve done 10 of them. 6 are ongoing/in the works. And I have 14 to go. In other words, I have one more cool thing to do every 5.35 days.  I think I’m in trouble. That is, if you could actually get in trouble for not doing awesome things you want to do.

I’m going to take a moment to contemplate that last sentence.


Okay, I’m back.

And here’s how it’s looking…

The 40 Before I’m 40 List.


02. Learn a lot more about cheese. (DONE. Post to come.)

07. Throw Harry a rad 5-year-old birthday party that is exactly how he wants it. (DONE. Post to come.)

08. Go on a flying adventure with Harry. (DONE X 2! Posts to come.)

13.  Create an herb garden. (DONE. Post to come.)

14.  Create a vegetable garden. (DONE.)

21.  Put on an inspirational event in San Francisco.  (DONE.)

22.  Throw a big party in New York City. (DONE. Post to come.)

17.  Learn to knit. (DONE.)

31.  Become a regular at the Farmers Market. (DONE. Post to come.)

32.  See the Marfa lights. (DONE. Post to come.)


11. Establish 40 go-to recipes. (In the works.)

26. Make a soundtrack every quarter. (In the works.)

29.  Re-do Kirtsy’s back-end and front-end. (In the works.)

05. Re-do my great grandmother’s house. (In the works.)

37. Focus on construction (as opposed to deconstruction).

40. Learn the discipline of practicing gratitude.


03. Develop the practice of walking. (Starting this! Whoohoo!)

09. Make my own perfume.

23.  Throw a dinner party on the San Marcos River.

15.  Carve a pumpkin that I grew and make a pie out of it.


24.  Have a gigantic garage sale.

10. Buy a piece of art.

12. Install a cheery porch swing.

36. Join a church.


16.  Establish a house that smells like gardenias.

30.  Take a yoga class with Harry.

19.  Thoroughly read Just Use This Mind.

20.  Start a meditation practice.

25.  Start to write something and see what it turns into.


18. Do my own laundry. (This is different than it sounds. I swear.)

04. Walk a marathon.

06. Take painting lessons.

27. Have a bizarre red dress photo shoot with old parade float decorations, and a beautiful red dress photo shoot in a place that I love.

38. Make and eat homemade ice cream with loved ones in the backyard.

39. Make myself this cake for my birthday.


01. Take Harry to Disneyland. (This has almost happened…twice!)

28. Have a picnic on a beach. Fly a kite on a beach. Have sex on a beach. (Not all at the same time.) (Picnic, Done! 7.7.10)

33. Drink whiskey at a pub in Ireland and scotch at a pub in Scotland.

34. Visit the Rosslyn Chapel

35. Attend a seder. (This is so not happening before February because it happens during Passover. I hope to do this in April though!)

Can I do it all?! Who cares?!!!

It will be fun to see what happens.

The List

8 Responses to 107 Days.

  1. UpsideUp says:

    Passover is the week after Mom 2.0. Come back to Charlotte with me and have Seder at my house. Done and done.
    Also, happy almost birthday!

  2. Laura says:

    Perfect. Done.

  3. Amanda says:

    This makes me inspired and tired at the same time. Go, you!

  4. Laura says:

    Amanda: Me too!

  5. I made a lits of 94 things I wanted to do this summer because there are 94 summer days. I got through half. I think. I just bought a calendar that says for the month of January “Make goals and break them immediately”

    Your list is lovely. Even if you don’t get everything done, just the fact that you thought it up is lovely!

  6. Ris says:

    Wow, I just almost fell out of my chair. I’ve thrown a party on the San Marcos River! It was lovely, and I’m sure yours will be the same.

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