1 + 1 = All you got. Go.

Back when I spent silly amounts of time in the Armstrong Browning Library, I had an 8 a.m. class that very often began with an on-the-spot requirement that we use two and only two words to describe a given topic, circumstance, situation, altercation, and/or whatever the professor pulled out of his arse.

At the beginning of the semester, it was intimidating, then it became annoying, then irreverent and frankly kind-of fun.

As is my way, I had totally forgotten about this biweekly ritual of old, until I ran across this over the weekend. The challenge: describe your current state in two words. And only two words.

So what are my two words?

Well, my initial reaction was to say: Honkytonk Badonkadonk. Because I’ve been using those words a lot since I learned them Friday as the main lyrics to a real-to-life song, on which someone is currently making big money. Which makes me laugh and flinch and frown. But then, of course, silly me, I realized that was complete wishful thinking because clearly Honky Tonk alone is two words.

So my second response is very Yin/Yang. I’m both “fairly motivated” and “sleep deprived”. My sleep deprivation keeps me from being quite motivated. And my fairly motivated part is just enough to keep me up way too late at night, adding to my sleep deprivation. It’s a sid vicious cycle. So that’s me. Currently. And right now, I think the “Sleep Deprived” is winning.

And so I ask you. How are you feeling today? In two words. And only in two words.

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  1. Jenny says:

    I'm unsure.

  2. Super Zoe says:

    cautiusly optimistic.

  3. Bea says:

    sleep-deprivedenraged(Is the hyphen cheating? And if it is, are you ballsy enough to tell me so, keeping in mind that I haven't had a four-hour stretch of sleep in over a week?)

  4. Miss Notesy says:

    "painful laughter"I started a blog carnival (laugh out loud mondays) and last night I needed to post something for it. The only problem was that I had just gotten home from the emergancy room. I snapped my pinky finger (no skin broken, just the bone). Now it's bent at a very wrong angle and I'm waiting to get in to see the doctor. Gross, huh? Surprisingly, it doesn't hurt a bit. I must have also damaged some nerves.

  5. Suzanne says:

    Shirking responsibilities(Because I should be doing a ton of other things instead.)

  6. Holly Snyder Thompson says:

    Gut-punched. 8am is far too early to go to work while a full-time student.P.S. Dear Girl con Queso. I too have been secretly reading your blog for quite some time via Ken. First of all, I gotta say that anyone giving a shout out to cheese is my kind of girl. Second of all, you remind me of talking to Ken and that is a fantastic thing. Thanks for stopping by Holly's Top Five and leaving a comment.

  7. Mocha says:

    Oppositionally defiant.

  8. Jill says:

    Flip-floppy. (We'll call that two words)Flip-floppy is the way you feel when you have a pretty great life except for the stress caused by one teenage boy who happens to feel the exact same way as Mocha.

  9. Jill says:

    Flip-floppy (we'll call that two words)Flip-floppy is the way you feel when you have a pretty great life except for the stress caused by one teenage boy who happens to feel exactly the same as mocha.

  10. Jill says:

    Sorry. Now my two words are:Effing Computer!

  11. Lady M says:

    sleep deprived

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