Spring Cleaning: An Update

Spring Cleaning: An Update

A month ago today, I posted that we were going to do a little spring cleaning (for goodness sake) and I’m happy to report that we’ve done pretty darn well on this effort. So far.

Even though these same last four weeks have been the hands-down busiest (work-wise) for me for the whole year (I’m living by color-coded spreadsheets). Mom 2.0 Summit (an event that I do) is in two weeks and three days (but who is counting?) and the six weeks up to a big event are always cram packed with the unexpected. But even in the midst of my work crazy combined with everyone else’s schedule crazy, we’ve been able to focus on these three goals. Which has actually, probably made us saner…and possibly saved me from having a complete sugar overload.

So even though I’ve been here at The Queso less than normal, we’ve really been outside more. And the Austin weather has totally helped us out on that one. Here’s how it’s going…

Goal 1: Eat Greener… Grow more in the backyard/Eat more of what we’re growing in the backyard. 

We are totally doing this. I’ve even somehow influenced Karen to do this, too. Her garden is looking amazing. And at this point, ours isn’t bad either.

I’ve planted three kinds of squash, eight kinds of tomatoes, four varieties of peppers, onions, carrots, beets, watermelon, okra, cucumbers, a ton of herbs (parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, basil, cilantro, dill, lavender) and possibly other things that I can’t remember right now. The kale and collard greens are long gone, but the spinach and two kinds of lettuce are still hanging in there.

Harry is still completely uninterested in all of this. But he likes to be outside near the garden and throw balls into everything possible, all the while begging (BEGGING!) for a basketball goal, which brings me to the next goal.

Goal 2: Be Leaner (Or at least more active outside): Move & Exercise.

Again, this is is really a me thing. Harry (along with his cousins) is excellent at always being active. In fact, our yard is usually filled with balls and at least one human and one dog running constantly.

(I love how, no matter what is happening, Harper immediately poses for the camera. She wins most photographs.)

And now I have started running, too. I’m doing the couch to 5K thing, and more easily (and more painfully) started doing a 30-Day Shred after Kristen threw down a challenge on Facebook. This thing is really so easy to do…it’s basically just stuff you did in PE growing up (hello, jumping jacks) but here’s what, I’m in pain (sore) pretty much all the time now. Which reminds me that I’m actually doing something. Also, it reminds me how little I have to actually do at this point to be sore. I’m starting at the bottom, friends.

This reminds me that I made an excellent workout list on Spotify. More on that tomorrow.

In the meantime, I’m moving. Harry’s moving. Lots of movement and busyness. Which brings me to the next goal.

Be a Reader: Read to the child before bed.

I thought this one would be the easiest by far…and yet, as things go, this one has been the hardest by a mile. Again, have I mentioned how all of our schedules are crazy? I think I might have because I’m sure I’ve lost brain capacity at this point and I’m caught in a conversational loop of repetition. But yes, every bedtime is later and every schedule is off. When we get home at 9 pm from a baseball game (His bedtime is usually 8 pm), we start studying for spelling tests or whatever.

So reading is, um, tricky right now. Harry did ask me a few weeks ago if anyone had ever read the whole Bible. I told him that I had, actually. He couldn’t believe it. I kinda can’t either. But he asked if I’d read his children’s Bible to him. And honestly, I can’t say no to that. So we’ve made it through the Old Testament (each chapter in the children’s Bible is like two pages) and we’re starting with the New Testament tonight. It’s Christmas in April, y’all.

So we bring you good tidings of great joy, about Spring Cleaning…and being greener and leaner and readers.

Of course, I can’t walk without wincing and no one is sleeping…but we’re eating green things and no one is bored. So no complaints, really.


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